Boys Outta Luck! Height Chart

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IS Priest actually short? Well, oh boy you’re in luck! That’s right, it’s a height chart of all the characters we’ve seen so far!

  • Priest is supposed to be all-around average guy, so I wanted to not make him too short or tall (average male Italian height is about 5’9″). I think this height is perfect for him!
  • The creation of Cellist was literally (quote Atashkada on some stream several months ago): “make him tall and Swedish.” And several months later here we are with Tall Swedish Bum. I wondered if he should’ve been even taller to hyper-accentuate how stupidly thin he is but I think this is fine.
  • As you can see, Succubus is a tall bitch. Since the moment I created her I just imagined her to be HUGE… not to be intimidating, but more that I think a small man like Priest being chased around by this Giant Woman would be funny.
  • Incubus was supposed to be taller than Cellist but, I realized 6 ft is perfect for him, he’s not too tall to be overly scary and huge, just tall enough to be a lady’s dream date as an Incubus should be.
  • We haven’t seen a lot of the nuns yet, but I like having Maria be taller than Priest (kind of want to make her 5’9″ or 5’10”) because she’s the most mature out of the three. Yvette is a smol angry banana-woman and Gretchen is pretty average.

I had fun making this and it also helped me iron out some details on the characters (since I don’t often draw them as fully-proportioned people) so I hope you enjoyed! 😀

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